When Is the Best Time to Have LASIK?

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Posted on Monday, August 24th, 2020 by Dr. Robert Mack
LASIK in Hoffman Estates, IL

You are an excellent candidate for LASIK if you are in good health, have a stable prescription and do not suffer from an eye condition that could affect an ophthalmologist’s ability to reshape the cornea.

But is there an optimal time to undergo the procedure? Here, the experienced vision care professionals of Mack Eye Center discuss how your age may be relevant to your decision to choose LASIK.

Stable Vision

Through our early to mid-20s, our eyes continue to change before settling on a more stable range of vision. That is why LASIK is not recommended for persons under 18, and patients under 30 should also consider waiting if their prescription has changed within the past year. If LASIK is performed while your vision is still maturing, you may need a revision at a later date. 

Age also affects your chance of regression. A study published in the Journal of Cataract & Refractive Surgery found that older patients were more likely to experience regression in vision, although it was not common. In general, even seniors can benefit from LASIK. The key variable is the health of the eye. If the lens is clear, LASIK can be an appropriate choice for older patients. If cataracts have begun to develop, however, a better option may be cataract surgery with implantation of an advanced IOL lens. New varieties of these lenses now offer trifocal vision, with an artificial lens that will remain clear for life.

Other Factors

Your age is a factor in deciding when you should choose LASIK, but there are also a few conditions that you and your surgeon will want to consider. If you are pregnant or nursing, you should delay the procedure, as changes in hormones can actually affect your vision. Prospective patients with chronic dry eye, past eye surgeries and autoimmune disorders that interfere with healing will, in most cases, want to explore other alternatives.

If you were born with large pupils, you are more likely to experience halos or nighttime glare after the procedure; and if your corneas do not have sufficient thickness, reshaping them with LASIK is not practical. In that case, PRK is a better choice.

If you would like to know more about LASIK, schedule an appointment today at Mack Eye Center, conveniently located in Hoffman Estates.

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